Why the Perfect madero 3 in 1 course is so perfect:

You master the technique that creates the forces of compression and decompression on the body and so you create the best results in eliminating cellulite and excess fat.
You receive our perfect invention for results, achieved in half the normal time – the double roller for maderotherapy.
You get to refresh your knowledge  24/7 in our online academy, where videos guide you through classic, Brazilian, and Perfectmadero maderotherapy.
You receive a detailed protocol for performing maderotherapy and also the knowledge on how to create your protocols.



The course is best suited for those who have no experience with body transformation, as you learn three techniques in one day to achieve perfect results:

  • Classical maderotherapy,
  • Brazilian vacuum maderotherapy performed after the Perfectbody method and
  • you receive 9 wooden accessories for the implementation of maderotherapy.

The Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course requires you to have a model on which to practice maderotherapy, to train and gain knowledge and skills about maderotherapy.


  • Set of wooden tools for classic maderotherapy
  • Set of wooden tools for Brazilian maderotherapy
  • The double roller for the elimination of cellulite
  • A step-by-step- protocol
  • Access to the online academy
  • A certificate
  • Support via e-mail, in-person, or telephone

The praktial part of the maderotherapy course includes:

  • Basic classic maderotherapy
  • Brazilian maderotherapy
  • Individual maderotherapy
  • Lifting the glutes

The perfectmadero curse is best fitting for you, if yu do not have any experience in body transformation yet, as the course is fully videotaped and is accessible during practical lessons, until you master maderotherapy, become more self-confident and experienced which enable you to work sucessfully on your clients.

If you do have experience in body transformation, you will upgrade your knowledge and with the help of the Perfectmadero method you will gain more clients, s yu will get to learn classic, Brazilian and Perfectmadero maderotherapy.

Because of the current circumstances the number of course participants is limited, so you need to sign up and settle the cost as soon as possible to secure your spot on the course.The Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course requires you to have a model on which to practice maderotherapy, to train and gain knowledge and skills about maderotherapy.

Why is the Perfectmadero 3 in 1 maderotherapy so effeicient?

1.       In-depth effect
Perfectmadero uses the principle of the vacuum – high and low subpressure which affects the levels of our tissue in-depth, where fingers or rollers can not reach it. With the helpf of the vacuum the facia is strected, made firmer and elastic – with this, we enable the toxins to be released, to hidrate the facia more and to make it firmer. Teh result is eliminaton of cellulite, a smaller cricumference and a bigger tonus of the skin.

2.    Release of the lymphatic and blood capillars
With the help of the vacuum we create low pressure in the cup, which sucks skin into itself and lifts it up – and at the same time we stretch the tissue and enable the lymphatic and blood capillars to release themselves.  The result is more blood being derived to the deeper lying, bigger veins, which enables circulation in those areas, which had bad or interrupted bloodflow before.

3.       An immediate result
With the help of the Perfectmadero 
method we increase microcirculation 
and we increase 

4.       Reduction of circumference
Witht he help of the cups and the 
vacuum we achieve extraction of fat 
from the cell, which then travels to the intercellular matrix. 
Then, with the help of a special technique, it is transported to the lymphatic knots, or lymph nodes. 
The lymph nodes’ job is to cleanse the lymphatic liquid, where now we can find this extracted fat. 
Because the process of detox is sped up, 
the body extracts all the fat, excess water and toxins thorugh secretion and sweating. The result is a few centimeters less circumference in the area, where Perfectamadero was applied.

That is why we achieve an unbelievable result after just one Perfectmadero maderotherapy session.

Perfect body shape-programThe Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course for transforming the body is designed in a way, that you as a
Perfectmadero therapist, after just one day, posess:

1.      Enough knowledge
Learning through the web – an online academy. After you sign up for the course of Perfectbody maderotherapy, you are granted acess to the online academy, where you can find all the information in form of video. This way you can get
to know the theoretical part and refresh it at the course.
Learning at the course – At the maderotherapy curse we begin with the
theoretical part and then we implement the fresh knowledge into practical examples on our models.
Knwoledge, written in a book
The Maderotherapy guide
A step-by-step protocol, that guides you through every step of performing maderotherapy 3 in 1.
Learning through the web – an online academy.
2.      Enough practical knowledge

Although our course is limited to one day only,  we are available to you until you master the right technique of perfroming maderotherapy, we can offer you free prectical lessons in our madero centre in Slovenia.

Because we have years and years of experience 
in the field of body transformation, we believe 
that you don’t have to learn from your own mistakes, but you can learn from ours. 🙂 
That is why we offer you all our valuable knowledge during the course and at our online academy, especially the instances where results were not achieved, when maderotherapy is not the right way of body transformation and when to deny a client service.
During the course, when you will perform on your model, you will gain experience on how to achieve a perfect result after just one maderotherapy

The Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course enables you to:

           Achieve perfect results in the shortest amount of time because of precise steps, protocols and technique, so you will work less and earn more,
          Be competetive because of quality of work and results and not a cheap price,
          Have enough time for the things you love doing most, because we have prepared a package for you to ensure you a successful business and perfect results (marketing materials, a questionaire etc.)
          Have enough time for your private life.
We do not require you to have prior knowledge ahead of the Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course, as you are granted  unlimited access to all following courses of the same type, so you gain knowledge through experience.
After the Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course you will be awarded a certificate for the completed course, you can open your own madero centre, you can widen your repertoire or you can find work in the beauty industry (depending on local legislation).  
Maderotherapy (Perfectbody method) is being taught in beauty schools (vocational and college) around the wold, you can find it in the best hotels and spas and also in 765 beauty salons.

Dates forperfectmadero courses

Because of current conditions the number of course participants is limited, that is why you need to sign up and cover the costs of the registration fee as soon as possible in order to secure yourself a spot on the perfectmadero maderotheray course.


During the course of maderotherapy, we will not just pass our knowledge of the correct execution of technique onto you, we will also share our practical experience with you, which we have accumulated during our 13 years of existence of the Perfect Body centre. We have developed a special questionaire for the first session, which helps you find out if the client is suitable for perfect results and what the client must do too in order to achieve them. During the theoretical part, each participant shows its acquired knowledge on a model, sets up a package, has a introductory discussion with the client, takes photographs and performs a maderotherapy test. Experience showed us that if you follow everything you have learned thorughout the course, you sell 9 packages out of 10 maderotherapy tests.


Because we are aware that time is precious, we have designed the maderotherapy coure in a way, that in a day you can acquire theoretical knowledge about maderotherapy, apply it to a model, have an introductory discussion with them, examine and photograph them and perform the suitable amount of maderotherapy – gain practical knowledge too. Because there is a lot of information given in sucha  short amount of time, we have recorded the course on video, which is accessible after the course and serves for refreshing your knowledge.

The Perfectmadero 3 in 1 course requires you to have a model, on who you have already  been training passing on the knowledge about maderotherapy, who you have examined, questioned and consulted and on who you perform maderotherapy. So, we do not lose time spent on other course participants using eachother for learning.

Because the number of participants in the group is small, the madero coach can devote himself to each individual participant – this way you can learn the right technique of perfroming maderotherapy after the Perfectbody method.

Because we are aware that teh right questions emerge after we have performed maderotherapy, we are always available to you for all the questions and guidance per telephone or via e-mail.

What the Perfectbody team values most is passing the practical experience that we have gained throughout the years onto our participants, so they will have an easier job finding out why some clients do not produce expected results and why some reach them after just a couple of maderotherapy sessions.



consists of professionals, each being an expert in his/her field. We as a whole are are a group of professionals, that ensures the best results at maderotherapy and that loves to pass this knowledge onto others at the Perfectmadero academy.


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