How does maderotherapy affect the body?

How does maderotherapy affect the body?


Maderoterapia comes from the word Madera, which means wood in Spanish. In the world, wood therapy has ancient origins in Eastern cultures, where wooden elements are used to perform massage for various purposes (health, relaxation, beauty, etc.). Maderotherapy as it is practiced here, to transform the body, originated in Colombia, where, in the early 1990s, a wooden device that rotates was patented for the first time. There, maderoterapia wooden tools made of mahogany wood, or Madera, are widespread. All the variations of massage-maderoterapia come from there, and each Madero coach or therapist adapts the Madero therapy according to his or her knowledge and experience. This is how the perfect body method of maderoterapia – perfectmadero – was born. The perfect body method is a system, a combination of different knowledge and methods, it treats the client as a whole, and it focuses on discovering the cause and achieving the perfect result. We could say that maderoterapia is a wooden tool, and the perfect body method is the knowledge of how to use this tool to achieve the perfect result.

How do we work with maderoterapia on different body systems?

In maderoterapia, we use different types of anatomically shaped wooden devices so that we can treat all layers of the skin, from the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue to the muscle tissue.


MaderotherapyIn maderoterapia, we use different wooden tools to affect the body as a whole, changes occur in different body systems (blood, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, hormonal, digestive,…). Each maderoterapia treatment has to be adapted to the client and his/her problem, The most common problems that we improve with maderoterapie:

  • elimination of cellulite,
  • body reshaping and the elimination of fat, volume in a specific area,
  • lifting and reshaping the buttocks.

    Maderotherapy also improves skin tone and accelerates the elimination of toxins and water from the body.
    Although maderoterapia helps the body to function better – to regenerate, it is important to realize that maderoterapia addresses the “symptoms” and is not the cause of cellulite or weight gain.



The official definition of cellulite is: “Cellulite is a change in adipose tissue associated with structural changes in the subcutaneous tissue”.

In our 12 years of practice, we have learned that cellulite is the result of a change in the subcutaneous tissue and the deposition of toxins and waste into the intercellular tissue, adipose tissue, and fascia. That is to say, cellulite is not just fatty tissue, as many athletes with a well-regulated diet have cellulite without excess fatty tissue and, conversely, many women who are overweight do not have cellulite.

So where is the cellulite hiding?

To understand cellulite, we need to know how the body works.
There are two circulatory systems in the body, one inlet – the blood system (oxygen, water, and nutrients) and one outlet – the lymph system (excess, waste substances – toxins).

Their composition is similar, but the lymphatic system does not contain red blood cells, which is why it is transparent in yellow color.

The lymphatic system is slower than the blood circulation because the lymph (mesh) propels itself through the lymphatic vessels, and the circulation of the blood is taken care of by the pump – our heart. The main function of the blood is to supply our bodies with oxygen and nutrients.
The lymphatic system acts as a drain in our body, removing toxins, bacteria, and diseased and dead cells through sweat, urine, feces, and mucus.

If, for some reason, these two systems are not working optimally, the supply of nutrients and oxygen and the removal of waste substances are impaired. Thus, excess substances begin to accumulate in the body.
The first, and least harmful place for these wastes to accumulate is in the intercellular tissue, the fatty tissue, and the fascia, and later on, toxins also start to accumulate in our organs and cause various diseases.

The next important thing is the fat or fat cells, although we would all like to eliminate them.  
Fat cells build fat and are specialized in storing energy in the form of fat. Body fat keeps us warm, fat pads protect our internal organs. Fat also plays a role in regulating appetite and the menstrual cycle.
There are brown and white fat cells. White fat cells secrete certain chromones that are very important, e.g. leptin for satiety, resistin, adiponectin, etc… The fat that is in a semi-liquid state is composed mainly of triglycerides, which are esters of glycerol and three free fatty acids. Brown fat (also called baby fat) produces heat.

The essence of body transformation through maderotherapy is the transformation of connective tissue.
Connective tissue also serves as a temporary repository for toxins (metabolic residues, acids, and other substances harmful to the body), allows the production of lymph, neutralizes acids and maintains the acid-base balance, ensures communication between the different body systems (collagen acts as a semi-conductor, transmitting nerve stimuli throughout the body),…
Poor connective tissue is responsible for wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins, and leaky gut.


Fascia is connective tissue made up of water, collagen, which gives the tissue its firmness, and elastin, which provides elasticity. There are several different types of fascia (superficial, deep, muscular, and visceral), as mentioned above, but not all connective tissue is fascia.

Fascia is crucial for the transport of substances throughout the body, acting as a water storage and support network, providing stability and flexibility to the body.

Muscles and fascia are the organs that store water in the body. When we are dehydrated, water enters our muscles independently and does not enter the fascia.  We can increase the hydration of the connective tissue – fascia – by warming and massage.

The fascia deforms, sticking together, due to:

  • Dehydration,
  • Long-term psychological stress,
  • Constant strain,
  • Excessive or irregular physical activity,
  • Failure to use or immobilization of a specific part of the body,
  • Inflammation (sugar increases inflammation in the body),
  • Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins,
  • Acute injuries.

Too firm, thickened, poorly gliding connective tissue affects lymphatic congestion – no flow.

Using different movements in maderotherapy, kneading, increasing glide, shaking, vibration, etc. we help the fascia to be more elastic, hydrated, and flowing.

Fascia likes to be warmed up, treated more gently, slower to react, changes are more long-lasting, unlike muscle which reacts quickly and atrophies, more rough treatment – massage. That is why we need to do the maderoterapia more gently, with very glued, dehydrated fascia, more maderoterapia treatments are needed – a more lengthy process of body transformation.

For certain reasons, our body is no longer functioning optimally, maderoterapia, by its action, helps the body to regenerate faster and works on:  THE BLOOD SYSTEM

With the help of maderoterapia, we heat the tissue, the blood circulation is accelerated, the pressure on the blood microcapillaries is reduced and they become more passable.
The circulation is accelerated due to maderoterapia.
Accelerated circulation due to maderoterapia.
The result is increased microcirculation, which allows blood to reach areas that were previously poorly circulated or where circulation was interrupted.
The result of increased microcirculation is an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients, which improves the appearance of the skin.                                  


By speeding up the lymphatic system, Maderoterapia increases the elimination of all toxins and waste substances from the body.

Maderotherapy accelerates the lymphatic system and the elimination of waste substances from the body.
The lymphatic capillaries become more flowing, and with the help of the vacuum, the lymphatic capillaries absorb larger quantities of lymph, thus achieving an effective detoxification of the body and an immediate result – a significant loss of centimeters.


During an intensive massage with maderoterapia, we use a special wooden tool to “break up” the fat cells that have become tangled in clusters. The fat is released from the fat cell, entering the intercellular space, and is then moved to the lymph nodes or lymph nodes using a special technique, so that volume reduction is achieved.


A vacuum is created using a wooden cup, which creates a low pressure that sucks the skin in, thereby lifting it.
The vacuum allows the connective tissue – the fascia – to stretch and become more supple, elastic, and hydrated. The vacuum also acts on the intercellular tissue and on the relaxation of the lymphatic and blood capillaries.
The massage increases the flexibility of the fascia – the connective tissue.
Massage increases the flexibility of the fascia – connective tissue.

This allows the release of trapped toxins, accelerated lymphatic flow, and increased circulation.


The double roller is used to secure the skin fold, increase the function and elasticity of the fascia and cover a larger area of tissue, thus achieving faster or better results in eliminating cellulite with the same amount of time of maderoterapia.

The result of maderoterapia is:

  • elimination of cellulite
    reduction of volume
  • firmer and tighter skin
  • shaping, lifting buttocks

ATTENTION: Maderotherapy helps the body to function better, the basis of body transformation is proper nutrition, physical activity, and relaxation. We recommend that you approach body reshaping individually, gradually, according to your current condition.

Do you have any questions about maderoterapia?
Send us an email on info@perfectcenter.com and we will answer it and help you understand how maderoterapia works and how it can help you transform your body.

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