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Unlocking the Power of Perfectbody Maderotherapy


Are you ready to become a skilled Maderotherapist from the comfort of your own home? Our online Maderotherapy course, utilizing the innovative Perfectbody method, offers you the opportunity to master this transformative technique remotely. Here’s how our comprehensive online course works:


Start by delving into the theory of Maderotherapy through pre-recorded videos and written transcripts. Access the course content at your convenience, allowing you to grasp the fundamental concepts of Maderotherapy. Additionally, our experienced Madero coach is available to clarify any doubts and answer questions, ensuring a thorough understanding of the theory.


The heart of our online course lies in live practice sessions. Using the Zoom App, you’ll join a Madero coach virtually, who will guide you through each step of Maderotherapy on your own model. You’ll need a model, a massage table, rollers, oil, and other necessary items to create the optimal learning environment. The Madero coach will demonstrate techniques on a model while you follow along, receiving real-time feedback and corrections. The practice sessions span approximately 3.5 hours, allowing you to master Maderotherapy from head to toe.



online maderotherapy
online maderotherapy treining

Even after the course, our support continues. You can reach out to our Madero coach via email, Facebook, phone, or video call for ongoing assistance and guidance. Additionally, within one year of completing the course, you have the opportunity to participate in a group course of Maderotherapy in Maribor, further enhancing your skills.


  • Rollers: To participate in the live Maderotherapy course, you’ll need a set of rollers. If you already have rollers, we can customize the course to suit your equipment. Simply send us a picture of your rollers, and we’ll guide you on how to make the most of them during the training.
  • Model: For the live Maderotherapy course, you’ll require a model. Your model can be someone you’re currently in quarantine with, allowing you to practice the techniques effectively.
  • Zoom App: Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the Zoom App. We’ll provide instructions on installation and conduct a test run before the course to ensure you’re comfortable using it.

Embark on your Maderotherapy journey today and unlock the potential of the Perfectbody method.


 The online course fee is 650 EUR, offering you a comprehensive learning experience from the convenience of your own space.


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