Set for Classical madero with video course

WAS: 220,00

Professional set for classical maderotherapy with video course.

Set for maderotherapy

Video course

Get your roller set and oil ready, and log in to the video content with your access. Follow the instructions to practice on the client. The pressure on the body should be gentle.

Cellulite removal
Improved well-being
Skin exfoliation
Activation of the Lymphatic System

Transform Your Body with the Ultimate Maderotherapy Video Course by Perfectbody

Discover the secrets of classical maderotherapy with the world’s only online video course tailored to offer you a complete body transformation. Dive deep into the Perfectbody method and learn how to eliminate cellulite and reshape your body with our comprehensive video guide.

Course Highlights:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Perfectbody Maderotherapy & Our Legacy
  • Module 2: Essential Preparations Before Starting Maderotherapy
  • Module 3: Unraveling Maderotherapy, Body Reshaping, and Cellulite; Plus, a Vital Pre-Maderotherapy Questionnaire
  • Module 4: Detailed Video Tutorials on Classical Maderotherapy for Specific Body Areas:
    • Abdomen
    • Front Leg
    • Back Leg
    • Inner Thigh
    • Outer Thigh
    • Lumbar Hip
    • Hand
    • Lumbar Back
    • Back

Each section is meticulously filmed to ensure you can quickly focus on your area of interest. Our practical demonstrations showcase treatments on live models, with expert commentary from our maderotherapy coach, ensuring you grasp every technique correctly. The course is presented in clear English, making it accessible to a global audience.

Why Choose the Perfectbody Online Maderotherapy Course?

Empower yourself with the convenience of learning from home or your salon at your pace. Our step-by-step video tutorials ensure you master the correct techniques through repetition. Delve into the theoretical aspects to comprehend body transformation through maderotherapy, understand the various wooden tools available, their specific uses, and the science of cellulite.

Guided by Madero coach, Matej Zmazek, a seasoned professional in body transformation through various techniques, including nutrition, movement, and apparatus technique, you’re in expert hands. Matej has innovated a distinctive method for buttock lifting and reshaping, guaranteeing visible results from the very first session.

The Perfectbody Method Defined:

At its core, the Perfectbody Method is more than just a system. It’s a holistic approach that focuses on identifying the root cause to ensure optimal results. Think of maderotherapy as the wooden tool, and the Perfectbody method as the blueprint on how to wield this tool to perfection.

Handcrafted Wooden Maderotherapy Rollers Set:

Experience the magic of our handmade wooden rollers, crafted explicitly for body massage and maderotherapy. Designed ergonomically to fit various body parts, these rollers are the epitome of ancient Eastern therapeutic traditions.

Key Features:

  • Handmade with precision
  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Made from natural beech wood
  • FSC certified, ensuring sustainable and responsible forest management
  • Targets body reshaping and cellulite elimination
  • 1-year warranty
  • Finished with a protective lacquer

The set comprises six unique maderotherapy rollers, each serving a specific purpose. Yet, when used collectively, they offer a comprehensive body transformation experience.

How to Use the Wooden Rollers:

Start by applying a quality oil to the target area. Using the wooden attachments, begin the specialized massage, known as maderotherapy. For optimal results, we recommend an anti-cellulite oil, enhancing skin tone and accelerating cellulite removal.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: Varies based on roller type
  • Material: Beech
  • Warranty: 1-year on all wooden rollers


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