Set for vacum maderotherapy, for home use with video course

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Set of wooden rollers for massagin the body – maderotherapy, for means of transforming the body and eliminating cellulite.



The set includes 5 specially designed wooden props of different sizes.

On the area to be massaged with a set for maderotherapy, first apply the oil, as cuoping creates friction. Be careful when using the oil due to possible allergic reactions.

Eliminaton of cellulite

Reduction of circumference

Firmer and tighter skin

Well formed and raised glutes.

Transform Your Body and Eliminate Cellulite with Wooden Maderotherapy Rollers

Discover the power of maderotherapy, a body transformation technique using specially shaped wooden rollers. Our set of 100% natural beech wood rollers from Slovenia is designed to massage different body parts, targeting cellulite and providing integral body massage. With an ergonomic design, FSC certification, and a 1-year warranty, these wooden props are perfect for maderotherapy.


Introducing Maderotherapy: A Holistic Approach to Body Transformation

Maderotherapy is a revolutionary technique that utilizes wooden rollers to enhance body aesthetics and eliminate cellulite. Each wooden prop is meticulously crafted to fit specific body contours and serves a unique purpose, collectively offering a comprehensive maderotherapy experience.

Experience the Natural Essence: Handmade Beech Wood Rollers

Our set of maderotherapy rollers is handcrafted in Slovenia using 100% natural beech wood. This ensures their exceptional quality, durability, and sustainability. Rest assured, these ergonomic rollers come with an FSC certificate, guaranteeing responsible wood sourcing. To further provide peace of mind, we offer a 1-year warranty on our wooden rollers.

Discover the Complete Set of Maderotherapy Rollers

  1. Heating Roller: Stimulate Microcirculation for Enhanced Results Accelerate blood flow and microcirculation with our specialized heating roller. By reducing pressure on microcapillaries, it revitalizes circulation, leading to improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin. Experience visibly better skin and enhanced results with this powerful maderotherapy tool.
  2. Small Shovel: Detoxify and Eliminate Toxins Promote detoxification and elimination of toxins from your body using the small shovel. This wooden prop stimulates the lymphatic system, enhancing the secretion of waste materials. Witness a boost in lymphatic flow, effective detoxification, and visible reductions in circumference.
  3. Cups: Enhance Fascia Elasticity for Firmer Skin Experience the benefits of increased fascia elasticity with our specially designed cups. By applying vacuum pressure, these cups create decompression, releasing tension from fascia, blood capillaries, and lymphatic vessels. The result? Firmer and tighter skin that exudes youthful radiance.
  4. Cubes: Target Stubborn Fat Cells for Body Sculpting Achieve intensive massage and fat cell breakdown with our powerful wooden cubes. Penetrating deep into the skin and muscle tissue, these cubes apply the strongest force of compression. Witness the release of fat from fat cells as we “break apart” those intertwined units. Combine this technique with the small shovel to move the released fat to the lymphatic and blood systems, resulting in a reduction in circumference.

Unlock Your Body’s Potential with Maderotherapy

Our maderotherapy approach targets all layers of the skin, from the epidermis to the muscle tissue. By stimulating blood and lymph circulation, encouraging fat secretion, and improving fascia elasticity, we achieve immediate and transformative results. Say goodbye to cellulite, witness a reduction in circumference, and enjoy firmer, tighter skin with our perfect maderotherapy set.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Body Aesthetics with Professional Wooden Props

Experience the art of maderotherapy with our professional set of wooden props. Handmade in Slovenia from sustainable beech wood and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), these props offer a transformative journey for your body. Unlock the potential of maderotherapy and eliminate cellulite while embracing a well-formed and lifted physique.

Order your set of professional wooden maderotherapy props today and embark on a journey towards a better you.

Additional Information:

  • Set includes: 5 wooden props
  • Length: Various lengths available




Introduction: Learn about the transformative benefits of self-massage using Maderotherapy, a unique technique utilizing wooden requisites and oils. Discover how this ancient art of wood healing can rejuvenate your body, relax your muscles, and even reduce cellulite.

What is Maderotherapy? Maderotherapy involves using anatomically shaped wooden requisites and oils to perform specialized massages for body transformation, facial rejuvenation, chest relaxation, and overall body relaxation. This technique traces its roots to ancient Eastern cultures, where wisdom and research led to the development of therapeutic wooden tools for various medicinal and beauty purposes.

How Does Maderotherapy Work? Maderotherapy works wonders for the body in multiple ways:

  1. Improved Circulation: By applying Maderotherapy, microcirculation is accelerated, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, resulting in firmer skin.
  2. Fat Reduction and Cellulite Removal: The intense pressure of the wooden roller breaks down fat tissue cells, releasing fat into the bloodstream and lymph system for elimination.
  3. Softening Connective Tissue: Maderotherapy stretches and heats the fascia, reducing the appearance of “orange skin” cellulite.
  4. Enhanced Intestinal Health: Maderotherapy boosts peristaltic activity in the large intestine, reducing bloating and promoting overall digestive health.
  5. Increased Collagen and Elastin Production: The technique stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer and more toned skin.

The Importance of Quality Tools: For effective Maderotherapy, high-quality wooden props and suitable oils are essential. Ensure you invest in a handcrafted wooden roller made of beech wood from sustainable sources. Consider using a special Maderotherapy oil, specifically designed for optimal results without leaving your skin feeling overly greasy.

Contraindications: Before starting Maderotherapy, it’s crucial to determine if you have any contraindications. The treatment is not suitable for individuals with infectious diseases, skin conditions, fever, acute inflammations, and various health conditions like heart disease or pregnancy. Always consult with your doctor if you have any doubts.

Areas and Duration of Maderotherapy: Maderotherapy can be applied to all body parts. For effective results, spend at least 20 minutes on each targeted area, or up to 45 minutes for cellulite reduction. A full-body session typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. Perform Maderotherapy 2 to 3 times a week, allowing your body ample time to recover.

Expected Results: With 10 60-minute Maderotherapy sessions, you can expect to see a reduction in body circumference by one size and a decrease in cellulite. Results may vary based on individual factors such as hormonal imbalances or existing health conditions.

In Conclusion: Embrace the ancient art of Maderotherapy and witness the transformation of your body. Enjoy its rejuvenating benefits, cellulite reduction, and improved skin tone. Remember to use high-quality tools and oils and be mindful of contraindications. With dedication and consistency, you can achieve the body you desire through the healing power of wood.



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