Set of professional rollers for classic maderotherapy

WAS: 220,00

The set includes 6 hand made wooden rollers for professional use in classic maderotherapy,

  1. A serrated roller
  2. A concaved roller
  3. A roller with a cubed surfacetissue cells
  4. A spatula
  5. A small roller for smaller areas
  6. A roller with a wavy shape

On the area to be massaged with the doube roller, first apply the oil, as roller creates friction. Be careful when using the oil due to possible allergic reactions.

A massage with a wooden prop is natural therapy for a postitive well-being. The immense quality and firmness of the wood enables long-term use.
The wooden props can be used for working all the different areas of he body.

 Achieve Optimal Results with Professional Classic Maderotherapy Wooden Rollers Set

Description: Experience the transformative power of classic maderotherapy with our carefully assembled set of 6 handcrafted wooden rollers. Designed for professional use, these rollers made from 100% natural beech wood are specifically shaped to target different body parts and achieve the fastest and most effective results in body transformation and cellulite elimination. Elevate your maderotherapy practice with ergonomic, FSC-certified wooden props coated with a special certified oil for skin safety. Unlock a transformed body, improved skin tonus, and lifted glutes with our trusted wooden rollers.


Unleash the Potential of Classic Maderotherapy: Transform Your Body Naturally

Discover the natural and transformative benefits of classic maderotherapy, a technique that utilizes wooden props to stimulate lymph drainage, break down fat tissue, and enhance blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Our set of professional wooden rollers is meticulously crafted to ensure an integral massage experience, targeting all layers of the skin, from the epidermis to the muscle tissue. Say goodbye to cellulite, toxins, and enjoy reduced circumference, firmer skin, and lifted glutes.

The Professional Classic Maderotherapy Set: Unveiling the Perfect Combination

Our comprehensive set for professional classic maderotherapy includes six anatomically shaped wooden rollers, each serving a specific purpose in achieving optimal results:

1. Serrated Roller: Stimulates Microcirculation
This roller generates heat, accelerates blood flow, and improves microcirculation. By reducing pressure on microcapillaries, it promotes increased flow and enhances oxygen and nutrient supply, resulting in visibly improved skin.

2. Concaved Roller: Stimulates Lymph Drainage
Accelerate the lymphatic system with this roller, effectively increasing the secretion of toxins and waste materials from the body, promoting detoxification and improved overall well-being.

3. Cubed Roller: Intense Massage for Fat Cell Breakdown
With its powerful force, this roller targets fat cells, causing them to release fat. Through an intense massage, the wooden prop breaks apart fat cells that have intertwined into units. Release fat from the cells and achieve a reduction in circumference with the help of the small spatula, moving the fat to the lymphatic and blood system.

4. Spatula: Elimination of Toxins and Waste Materials
This versatile tool assists in the elimination of toxins and waste materials from the body, contributing to the detoxification process and supporting a healthier system.

5. Small Roller: Stimulates Lymph System and Fascia Elasticity
Designed for smaller areas, this roller stimulates the lymph system, aids in fat excretion, and enhances the elasticity of the fascia, the connective tissue crucial for overall body tone.

6. Wavy Roller: Affects Connective Tissue Elasticity
The wavy wooden roller targets the elasticity of the connective tissue, effectively softening the fibrous connective tissue (fascia) that connects the entire body. Its wavy shape generates varying force, ensuring a comprehensive massage experience.

Achieve Remarkable Results with Classic Maderotherapy

Experience the remarkable benefits of classic maderotherapy, including:
– Elimination of cellulite
– Reduction in circumference
– Firmer and tighter skin
– Well-formed and raised glutes

Immerse yourself in the natural therapy of wooden prop massage, where the quality and firmness of the wood enable long-term use and contribute to your overall well-being.

Additional Information:
– Length: Various lengths available
– Material: 100% natural beech wood
– Handmade in Slovenia
– Coated with a special certified oil for skin safety
– FSC certified
– 1-year warranty



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