What is the difference between anti-cellulite massage and maderotherapy?

What is the difference between anti-cellulite massage and maderotherapy?

An anti-cellulite massage is a massage of the body with the aim of eliminating cellulite.

An anti-cellulite massage is performed with the help of oil and human touch. Anti-cellulite massage uses slightly different techniques than traditional or other massages, it is more intense and slightly painful in the areas where there is cellulite.
Maderotherapy is a special massage technique performed with various anatomically shaped wooden implements and oil for the purpose:

  • Body reshaping,
  • Facial rejuvenation,
  • Breast massage,
  • Relaxation of the body.

For maderotherapy, we use wooden tools that vibrate the energy of nature and carry the energy of the tree, the energy of the wood.In maderotherapy for body transformation, different techniques are used to influence the 4 main factors of the problem (lymphatic system, blood system, connective and adipose tissue), depending on what result we want to achieve. Body transformation therapy is designed for people: with localised fat deposits, all types of cellulite (fatty, fascial, and watery),
water retention problems, and
poor skin tone.

There are several types of body contouring maderotherapy:

  • Classical maderotherapy
  • Brazilian vacuum maderotherapy
  • Combination (perfectmadero 3 in 1)

For relaxation and regeneration of the body with maderotherapy, there is also wellness maderotherapy and lymphatic madero drainage. Differences between anti-cellulite massage and maderotherapy:

In anti-cellulite massage, the purpose of the massage is to eliminate or improve the appearance of cellulite.
In body reshaping maderotherapy, however, several different protocols can be performed with different wooden tools for different purposes (weight loss – eliminating fat, eliminating cellulite, speeding up lymphatic drainage, or improving skin tone).
Performing the treatment
In anti-cellulite massage, we use the human hand and the power/energy of the therapist to perform the treatment.
In maderotherapy, we use various wooden tools to carry out the treatment. With different wooden tools and techniques in maderotherapy, we successfully replace expensive apparatus and manual body reshaping techniques. Thus, with a maderotherapy set, we can replace several different body shaping apparatuses (vacuum, hammer, pressotherapy, anti-cellulite massage, etc.) and achieve active action and visible results in one treatment.

The work of anti-cellulite massage, pressure is applied to the tissue with the hand to produce a compressive force.
In maderotherapy, we use different types of anatomically shaped wooden tools to treat all layers of the skin, from the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle tissue. Different tools exert different forces on the tissue, with rollers and spatulas exerting a compressive force – pressure on the tissue, and the cup exerting a vacuum and thus a decompressive force, lifting the tissue, so it is a deep action at levels that are difficult to reach with the fingers or rollers.
With wooden implements, the pressure on the tissue is even and, if desired, deeper.


  • speeding up circulation,
  • accelerating lymphatic flow,
  • the fat cell,
  • connective tissue – fascia,
  • nervous tissue,
  • muscle,
  • the external appearance of the skin.4.

Results In maderotherapy, this alternating action (compression and decompression) on the tissue stimulates the accelerated action of the body (blood and lymphatic circulation, fat elimination, fascia elasticity), thus achieving perfect results – elimination of cellulite, toxins, reduced volume, and firmer skin tone.

This is why, with maderotherapy using wooden tools, the treatment time is reduced and better and faster results are more easily achieved. When maderotherapy is performed correctly, the result is visible after the first maderotherapy treatment, and the body transformation is successful between 5 and 15 maderotherapy treatments.

Another advantage of maderotherapy is that the therapist does not suffer the same fatigue as with anti-cellulite massage, as the treatment is carried out with wooden tools, so each maderotherapy treatment is 100% effective.
The wooden rollers are made in an ergonomic and friendly way, making it easier to perform the maderotherapy.

The wooden tools penetrate deeper and create a constant even pressure (better result and relief for the therapist).

The effect of the wood directly on the skin provides a strong nervous and bioenergetic stimulation, ensuring a deep and pleasant relaxation, regenerating the body.

Thus, the body as a whole (physically and mentally) is affected by Maderotherapy.
The contact of the wood with the human being triggers an active exchange of energy that provides deep and pleasant relaxation, and regeneration of the body.

Maderotherapy creates a sensory perception between the wood and the human touch. The wooden tools are of different shapes to suit the human anatomy – the different parts of the body.

The wooden tools are made in an ergonomic way, which makes the practice of maderotherapy easier, healthier, and more productive.

The exceptional quality and strength of the wood allow for long-lasting use of the wooden maderotherapy devices.

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