Set of Brazilian maderotherapy

WAS: 220,00

Set for Brazilian maderotherapy – vacuum massage


5 specially shaped wooden cups of different sizes

A cubed roller

A spatula


On the area to be massaged with a set for maderotherapy, first apply the oil, as cuoping creates friction. Be careful when using the oil due to possible allergic reactions.

In-depth effect on the connective tissue – the fascia.

Relieving the lymph and blood capillars.

Immediate results.

With the help of cups and vacuum we get the fat tissue cells to move from the cell.

 Transform Your Body with Brazilian Maderotherapy Vacuum Massage Set

Description: Discover the power of Brazilian maderotherapy with our specially designed wooden bowls and accessories. This set includes 5 wooden bowls of different sizes, a cubed roller, and a spatula, all made from 100% natural beech wood. Experience the in-depth effects of vacuum massage, targeting cellulite, stimulating circulation, and achieving immediate results. Our FSC-certified set ensures sustainability and a transformative body experience.


Introducing Brazilian Maderotherapy: Unleash the Power of Vacuum Massage

Experience the extraordinary benefits of Brazilian maderotherapy with our specialized set of wooden bowls and accessories. Designed to create high and low sub-pressure, these uniquely shaped wooden bowls deliver an in-depth effect on the tough-to-reach areas that rollers or fingers often miss.

Why are Specially Designed Wooden Bowls Effective in Maderotherapy?

1. In-Depth Effects on the Connective Tissue – The Fascia

Utilizing the power of vacuum, our wooden bowls stretch and firm the connective tissue, known as the fascia. By enhancing elasticity and promoting hydration, these bowls facilitate the elimination of cellulite and toxins. Experience reduced circumference and noticeably firmer skin with enhanced tonus.

2. Relieving the Lymph and Blood Capillaries

The vacuum created by the bowls generates decompression, lifting and stretching the tissue while relieving lymph and blood capillaries. This process boosts blood flow, particularly in deeper veins, rectifying disrupted circulation. Enjoy improved nutrient and oxygen delivery to targeted areas.

3. Immediate Results through Improved Microcirculation

Brazilian maderotherapy enhances microcirculation, ensuring optimal nutrient and oxygen flow throughout the body. The increased flow in lymph capillaries aids in effective detoxification, resulting in immediate loss of circumference. Witness the transformative effects of this technique on your body.

Unlocking the Power of Cups and Vacuum for Fat Cell Movement

By utilizing cups and vacuum techniques, our set encourages fat tissue cells to move from cells into the extracellular matrix. Through a specialized technique, we then direct these cells towards the lymph nodes, facilitating the body’s natural detoxification process. Excess fat, water, and toxins are eliminated through urine and sweating. Experience a reduction in circumference in the treated areas, courtesy of Brazilian maderotherapy.

The Brazilian Maderotherapy Set: Crafted with Excellence

Our set for Brazilian maderotherapy features bowls made from 100% natural beech wood, handcrafted in Slovenia. As proud recipients of the FSC certification, we ensure responsible sourcing from forests that fulfill social, economic, and ecological needs. Transform your body and eliminate cellulite with confidence, knowing our set is designed for optimal results and sustainability.

Conclusion: Begin Your Brazilian Maderotherapy Journey Today

Embark on a transformative journey towards a sculpted and revitalized body with our Brazilian Maderotherapy Vacuum Massage Set. Discover the remarkable benefits of vacuum massage, targeting cellulite, improving circulation, and achieving immediate results. Crafted with care from natural beech wood, our FSC-certified set represents our commitment to sustainability and your body’s wellbeing.

Order your Brazilian Maderotherapy Set now, and experience the extraordinary power of this holistic body transformation technique.

Additional Information:
– Length: Various lengths available
– Material: Beech wood



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