Set of professional wooden rollers for Perfect Maderotherapy

WAS: 250,00

The set is made of 9 wooden props for maderotherapy, made by hand, meant to be used for body transformation. The set includes props, that can be used for classic maderotharapy, Brazillian vacuum maderotherapy and the combination – perfect maderotherapy


  1. A serrated roller
  2. A roller with a cubed
  3. 5 different wooden cups for vacuum
  4. A double roller


To ensure that the madeotherapy is carried out correctly, we recommend watching a video or a live course.


  1. Affecting the bloodstream with the serrated heating roller
  2. Affecting the lymph system with the small spatula
  3. Affecting the connective tissue with the cups
  4. Affecting the fat cells with the cubes
  5. The doubler roller is specially designed for elimination of cellulite, elimination of ffat tissue in the inner thigh area and to raise the glutes.


Introducing the Ultimate Maderotherapy Set for Cellulite Elimination and Body Transformation

Discover our revolutionary maderotherapy set, featuring our own invention – the double roller, specifically designed to target cellulite, inner thigh fat, and lift the glutes. Maderotherapy is a natural massaging technique that utilizes wooden props to stimulate lymph drainage, resulting in the elimination of cellulite, breakdown of fat tissue, and improved blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Achieve a transformed body, free from cellulite and toxins, with improved skin tone and lifted glutes.

The Perfect Maderotherapy Set Includes:

  1. Serrated Roller for Microcirculation Stimulation
  2. Cubed Surface Roller for Intense Fat Tissue Massage
  3. Spatula for Toxin Elimination
  4. 5 Wooden Cups for Vacuum Creation
  5. Double Roller, offering 3 versatile uses:
    • Concave Roller for lymph system stimulation and fat metabolism
    • Small Wooden Roller for lymph drainage, fat reduction, and improved fascia elasticity
    • Combined Rollers for enhanced results and coverage in less time

Crafted from 100% natural beech wood and meticulously handmade in Slovenia, our wooden props are not only ergonomic but also FSC certified and coated with a protective oil for longevity. They can be easily disinfected, ensuring a safe and hygienic experience for your skin. Rest assured, our props come with a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Experience a Holistic Body Transformation

Our comprehensive maderotherapy package targets all layers of the skin, from the epidermis to the muscle tissue. Each wooden prop applies a unique type of force to the tissue, promoting various benefits. The roller and small spatula create compression, while the bowl generates a vacuum and decompression force, stimulating accelerated bodily functions such as blood and lymph circulation, fat secretion, and fascia elasticity. Witness remarkable results, including the elimination of cellulite, toxins, reduced circumference, and firmer skin tone.

Unlock the Power of Maderotherapy:

  • Enhance Blood Circulation with the Serrated Heating Roller: Heat the tissue, boost blood flow, and improve oxygen and nutrient supply for visibly improved skin.
  • Boost the Lymph System with the Small Spatula: Accelerate lymphatic functions, promote toxin elimination, and rid the body of waste materials.
  • Stimulate Connective Tissue with the Bowl: Utilize the vacuum effect to stretch and release lymphatic and blood capillaries, while enhancing fascia elasticity and achieving immediate circumference reduction.
  • Break Down Fat Cells with the Cubed Roller: Apply targeted pressure to fat cells, prompting their release and subsequent removal via lymphatic and blood systems, resulting in reduced circumference.
  • Double Roller: Our specially designed double roller focuses on cellulite elimination, inner thigh fat reduction, and glute lifting.

Transform Your Body Today

Experience the natural therapy and positive well-being of maderotherapy. The exceptional quality and durability of our wooden props allow for long-term use, ensuring lasting results. Target all areas of your body with these versatile props.

Additional Information:

  • Various lengths available
  • Material: Beech wood
  • Lacquered with body-safe varnish
  • 1-year warranty included




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